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  • Rotonda Hotel

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    "Рекомендую для семейного отдыха" — 5 Aug 2013

  • Caravella Hostel

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    "Good hostel" — 2 Aug 2013

  • Imperial 2011 Hotel

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    "Хороший пансионат в Ялте" — 30 Jul 2013

  • Sparta Hotel

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    "Хороший мини-отель" — 29 Jul 2013

  • SPA Hotel Livadiysky

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    "Отличный отель в Ялте!" — 25 Jul 2013

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Yalta - a city founded in 1145. The largest seaside town in Crimea. Yalta resort located on the shores of the open sea bay on the southern slope of the Main Ridge of Crimean Mountains, 79 km south of Simferopol. Yalta - it is also a port on the Black Sea, the hub of roads associated with the regional center of the longest in Europe mountain trolleybus line (85 km).

Yalta is a relatively small, with a population of about 80 thousand people. At the same time, the administrative center of a resort area, known among tourists as the "Big Yalta". County stretched by about 72 km from Foros in the west to the mountains of Ayu-Dag in the east.

The members of the Greater Yalta include Alupka, Gurzuf, Livadiya, Gaspra, Koreiz, Miskhor, Simeiz, Foros, Massandra, Nikita, Blue Bay, landslide, and several other villages. On the territory of Yalta and on the outskirts of many monuments of nature, history and culture, as well as places of memory associated with the names of outstanding scientists and artists. Many of them have left a noticeable mark on the biography of the city. The climate of Yalta Yalta is famous for its unique climate.

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Bristol Hotel1.4 km
Yalta-Intourist Hotel2.8 km
Rotonda Hotel2.0 km
SPA Hotel Livadiysky2.7 km
Caravella Hostel0.9 km

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