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    "Terrible hotel." — 10 Jan 2015

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    "Отличный отель в Киеве" — 25 Nov 2014

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    "good" — 17 Jan 2014

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    "Отличный отель" — 2 Aug 2013

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  • "Недостатков не заметил. Есть несколько..."

    Date of review: 11 May 2011
    Недостатков не заметил. Есть несколько не существенных. Малая скорость интернета. И малое количество ТВ каналов на Русском языке, и спутниковых (Дискавери Энимал Планет и подобных)
  •  Sasha

    "Online booking"

    Date of review: 30 Jul 2010
    Tried booking online for the following week and Superior rooms were available BUT not showing on the site as available, one chalets at 540 Euros/night showing.
  •  Rashokaw

    "I never found hotel with..."

    Date of review: 21 Dec 2009
    I never found hotel with all acommodation available and excellent service like what I found in this hotel, besides the worker's obligation form service desk to room cleaner, so my firend who recommend me to stay in this hotel
  •  Thomas


    Date of review: 21 Nov 2009
    Thanks for a great weekend in your hotel. I will for sure come back and spend more time with you.
  • "hotel rooms"

    Date of review: 20 May 2011
    I stayed in hotelroom 518 and my colleague in 519. These two rooms need redecorating badly.
  •  room 533
    room 533

    "lobby bar"

    Date of review: 9 Mar 2011
    waiters male or female very good and polite, bartenders no languages and un -polite and unprofessional.
  •  Jack

    "Good but rooms old. Breakfast as dinner price in dowtown"

    Date of review: 20 Jan 2011
    Nice service, nice hall bar. Breakfast very expensive ( 18 € ) not included. Better use hall bar service ( not cheap but more nera western use ).
  •  Big Tony Beds
    Big Tony Beds

    "Smile and you customers will respond"

    Date of review: 10 Aug 2010
    Hi, Enjoyed our stay in Kiev, great city.
  •  serge somerling
    serge somerling

    "good but"

    Date of review: 23 Jul 2010
    I travel often to Kiev. I tried several hotels. Your hotel is good but the buffet of the breakfast is poor. Just next to you, You have the Rus hotel. The room's price is lower and the breakfast's buffet is great. 16 € is to much
  •  Andrey

    "Достойный отель и хорошее место"

    Date of review: 16 Jul 2010
    Поскольку корпоративная политика моей компании предполагает использование совсем не самых дорогих номеров, в поездках я часто оцениваю отели по эконом-номерам.

President Hotel  

12, Hospitalna street, Kyiv, 01023, Ukraine

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