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  • Oscar Hotel

    3 Reviews

    "Отличные отели" — 15 Jul 2015

  • Oscar Hotel

    3 Reviews

    "THE STAFF Was friendly but..." — 14 Jul 2012

  • Oscar Hotel

    3 Reviews

    "Polotenca" — 10 Jul 2012

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  • Илья

    "Отличные отели"

    Date of review: 15 Jul 2015
    Останавливался в отеле на три дня! Хочу сказать, что не плохо как для Украины! По приезду на своем авто, была свободна парковка, что без сомнений большой плюс. Бронировал заранее номер полу люкс, предоплату не брали, не морочили голову с переводами через банк, приехал и все оплатил. Расположение отеля очень хорошее, очень близко к нижнему Бювету, около 150 метров.
  •  shlomit

    "THE STAFF Was friendly but..."

    Date of review: 14 Jul 2012
    THE STAFF Was friendly but there was a problem with communication because almost no one spoke english. we were promised that lunch and dinner was served in buffet manner costing 50 grivna and there was not the case although i called about this matter a week before checking in. the lack of curtains in the bathroom gave us a feeling that we were exposed to any around us lack of privacy. No air condition that is expected in four stars hotel. generally we enjoyed our stay and hope to visit soon again.
  •  Tamara Chornobay
    Tamara Chornobay


    Date of review: 10 Jul 2012
    My ostanavlivalis v Suite Hollywood i Egipet, v oboix nomerax polotenca byli grjaznymi, v pjatnax. Zavtrak, k sozheleniju, byl ne ochen. K nashemu prixodu vybrat bylo uzhe ne iz chego, my byli v 10 utra, tak kak zavtrak do 11. Nemnogo razocherovalo, tak kak ot 4x-zvezdochnogo otelja ozhydali bolshego.

Oscar Hotel  

8, Tyhyi Lane, 82200 Truskavets, Ukraine

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Oscar Hotel0.3 km

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