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 Odessa - legendary city of the former Soviet Union. City of romance, art, humor, poems, theaters and museums. Odessa is a very special city - city with its own very special culture. Our city is our life! Odessa is situated in Eastern Europe, at the Black Sea coast. It is a very important port and one of the most beautiful cities in the Republic of Ukraine and all of Europe. Odessa itself is full of historical, architectural, cultural and scientific interest, proud of its past and its traditions. With a reputation for big city adventure, sunshine, laughter and sophistication, the locals have always considered themselves Odessites first, and Russians, Soviets or Ukrainians second.

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Arcadia Plaza Hotel4.5 km
Black Sea Hotel Otrada2.0 km
Black Sea Hotel Bugaz36.4 km
Mozart Hotel2.1 km
Black Sea Hotel Panteleymonovskaya0.4 km

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