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  • Ingul Hotel

    2 Reviews

    "Very good hotel." — 9 Aug 2013

  • Kolos Hotel

    1 Reviews

    "Отличный отель Николаева" — 2 Aug 2013

  • Continent Hotel

    9 Reviews

    "On arrival, the receptionist was..." — 29 Nov 2012

  • Nikotel Hotel

    3 Reviews

    "Good standard" — 26 Oct 2012

  • Nikotel Hotel

    3 Reviews

    "Poor manager" — 4 Oct 2012

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    Hotel DistanceRating
    Continent Hotel0.8 km
    Alexandrovskiy Hotel0.0 km
    Nikotel Hotel0.6 km
    Palace Ukraine Hotel1.6 km
    Ingul Hotel0.7 km

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