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Top 10 most popular countries in the world

30 Jan 2019

Every year during the holidays, hundreds of millions of people around the world visit different countries in search of new sensations and adventures. Due to the huge flow of tourists, the countries of Europe, Asia, America and Oceania largely grow economically. But where do tourists like to rest the most?

1st place France

According to statistics, over the past year more than 76 million tourists visited France. What attracts people from all over the world to this country? Undoubtedly, many enjoyed the great French cuisine and the indescribable beauty of the cities of the ancient European state. The most visited places in the country are the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, vineyards in the province of Bordeaux and the unimaginable beauty of the Cote d'Azur. In addition, a large percentage of tourists come to the city of Cannes, when it hosts the annual film festival. Anyone who has ever been to France dreams of returning there again, because there is so much more unexplored and interesting here!
2nd place USA

The second place in popularity is occupied by the United States of America. Over the past year, this country of the North American continent was visited by about 60 million people. Although currently the United States ranks second in popularity, but in the aggregate over the past 100 years, it has taken more tourists than any other state. The most popular places in the country are New York, Miami beaches, the Grand Canyon. Many fans of American films are sent to the state of California, which is the birthplace of Hollywood. Tourists who adore wilderness places and like to rest “savages” most often come to the Yellowstone National Reserve, which is larger in area than some European states or islands in the Pacific Ocean.
3rd place China

The third place is occupied by China or, as it is also called by the people, “Celestial”. The most populous country in the world annually receives on its expanses more than 55 million people. It should be noted that the overwhelming majority of tourists visit the eastern part of the country, where the capital and other major cities are located. For almost everyone who decides to spend their holidays in the Middle Kingdom, the starting point is the Great Wall of China. This structure has seen many battles, was a silent witness to the collapse of some kingdoms and the emergence of new ones. Even David Copperfield, the great magician, tried to pass through this wall. In addition to this ancient structure, popular places are Hong Kong, Beijing and some cities on the coast.
4th place Spain

Spain - the birthplace of bullfighting and beautiful dances, attracts with its openness and magnificent music about 52 million people every year. Among European countries, it ranks second in popularity after France. Previously, the largest influx of tourists was observed in the capital of the Western European state, Madrid. However, due to recent victories in the leagues of Europe and the Champions League of the Catalan team, many tourists began to visit Barcelona. In addition, many interesting and informative can be seen in Mallorca and in Valencia.
5th place Italy

The top 10 in terms of popularity is rightfully occupied by the Italian “boot”. This country is the ancestor of fashion and beautiful clothes. In the north of the state is the fashion capital of Milan, which all ladies of the world try to visit. About 43 million tourists visit such great places as the Roman Colosseum, the watery streets of Venice, meet the indescribable beauty of sunsets in Sicily or in Florence. Many lovers of cars and everything connected with them try to visit Turin, which is the founder of cars, the prototype of which was taken to develop a domestic vehicle.
6th place United Kingdom

United Kingdom - a country of rain and delicious English tea. This country wins the hearts of 30 million people every year. Tourists from all over the world come here to see Big Ben and the stylish red double-decker buses, which are the hallmark of the capital of the United Kingdom of London. It's no secret that the English football teams have the largest number of fans around the world. That is why many come here to visit the world's greatest football stadiums in cities such as Liverpool, London and Manchester.
7th place Turkey

Approximately 27 million people visit Turkey every year, and at different times of the year. It is almost always warm here, so very often you can meet a large number of tourists here in the winter. About half of all tourists are Russians and Ukrainians. This is due to low prices for accommodation and meals.
8th place Germany

Although Germany is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, an average of 26 million tourists visit it annually. People come here to see the Brandenburg Gate, the building where the Reichstag and other capital sights were located. In winter, many try to visit Frankfurt, since it is there that the largest Christmas markets in the world take place.
9th place Malaysia

At the moment it is one of the economically developed countries in the region. The number of 24 million visitors to the country includes not only tourists, but also people who are engaged in business here. In this country are located one of the tallest buildings in Kuala Lumpur - no tourist will miss the opportunity to climb to the very top of such a skyscraper. In addition, many come to rest in Penang or Terengganu.
10th place Mexico

Mexico is the most popular tourist country among the states of Central America. It attracts with its variety of hotels, beaches, entertainment centers of restaurants. Mexican cuisine is one of the richest and most diverse in the world. Also this country is the birthplace of the Maya and other Indian tribes, which can boast of their ancient origin.

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