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How to choose the right hotel

27 Mar 2019

An important part of the holiday is the right choice of hotel. In order for the trip to go well and only pleasant memories are left, and not dirty rooms, unpleasant service and unappetizing food, you should be able to understand hotels.

Initially, the tourist must decide how much he is willing to spend on accommodation, and also need to know exactly what is needed for a comfortable and pleasant stay in a foreign city. There are a number of questions asking which you will know for sure whether this or that hotel meets European standards and your requirements.
Number of stars and price per room?

This is a standard question asked by almost every tourist. He is very important. Often it happens that hotels offer discounts due to holidays or for some other reason. But not only discounts happen, but also price increases. Especially when a mass event takes place in the city and tourists from all over the world come to it.
Are any meals included?

Most often in the price per room make the item "breakfast". If this is true, then the service is designated "BB". If the hotel offers two meals, you can see the letters "HB". And three meals a day - «FB». If you are going to have a rest at some beach resort, then it is better to choose the “all inclusive” system, it offers tomorrow, lunch and dinner. Most often, all these three meals are decorated in the form of a buffet.
What is the number and is there any amenities in it?

Here it is worth asking what size the room is, whether it has air conditioning, whether there is a refrigerator or a mini-bar. It is also important to know if there is a bath or shower.
Got any fun?

You can ask what additional services the hotel provides. Does the price for a room include the use of a swimming pool, a tennis court? For what services you need to pay extra. Do bars in the hotel and how long they work.
What is near the hotel?

The “successful” location of the hotel is different for everyone. It all depends on taste, leaving the hotel, you want to see the beach, the center of a large metropolis or metro station. By the way, if you have to live in some European capital, then first of all, find out how far the tram, metro and bus stops are from the hotel, as well as how long you can get to the room by public transport.


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