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How to save electricity by changing lighting?

26 Jun 2020

In Soviet times, the Ukrainian people didn’t save much on electricity, citing the fact that you won’t save a lot on matches. Electricity cost mere pennies, it would still be impossible to save a lot on it, people used electricity as much as they needed. In addition, household spending was in sixth place in the structure of electricity consumption.

Recently, the situation in the country has changed and now it makes sense to save on electricity. To ensure that the 40-watt lamp works for a day, it is necessary that about a ton of water passes through the hydroelectric power turbines. The people consume not a sixth part, as it was before, but two-thirds of the electricity produced. Electricity prices also rose significantly.

Saving electricity is important for both people and the state. If at home there is always hot water and gas is supplied uninterruptedly, then electricity is spent on the work of rubble appliances and on consecration. It helps to save the installation of energy-saving lighting devices in the entire apartment. The efficiency of Edison's incandescent lamp is less than two lumens per watt of power. However, more than 100 years have passed since the creation of the first incandescent lamp. During this time, more modern lighting devices appeared. The lamps that are used now are more efficient, their performance reaches 16 lumens per watt. However, there are more economical lamps - fluorescent. Their performance is 60-80 lumens per watt.

Today, LED technology is also well developed. The power of such lighting devices reaches 300 or more lumens per watt. Almost all modern lamps have a common base, which is screwed into the lamp holder. The design of such a cartridge was invented by Edison, the appearance of such a cartridge is still unchanged. To date, several types of lighting lamps are presented in stores.

Conventional incandescent lamps, which differ in the size of the bulb, the type of filament that is in the lamp and the type of gas that fills such a lamp. Among such lamps, halogen lamps are distinguished, which have a sufficiently long service life; fluorescent lamps, which have recently been considered energy-saving; LED lamp. LED lamps are the most modern lighting fixtures. They cost about three hundred rubles, but the service life of such lamps is several years. Despite their bright light, they consume very little electricity. The installation of LED lamps throughout the apartment will help to significantly save on electricity. Energy-saving lamps are a great option to reduce the costs of the family budget for utility bills.



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