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Benefits of YouTube promotion

11 Jun 2021

To become a YouTube star, it's not enough to shoot an interesting video, you need to get as many views and likes as possible. But the ratings in the search engines are occupied by already promoted channels, the videos on which immediately after the release are seen and evaluated by numerous subscribers.

It turns out to be a vicious circle - the higher the rating, the more views, and the number of viewers directly affects the place in the search results. YouTube promotion helps to change the situation for the better for newbies.

Reasons for cheating YouTube

You can use services to quickly attract an audience for several purposes:

    Search promotion. One of the ranking criteria is the number of subscribers.
    Creation of the image of a popular channel or blog. Videos with numerous likes and viewers attract new people faster, that is, being in demand plays the role of advertising for subsequent promotion.
    Channel monetization. Adsense pays out after gaining 1000 subscribers and views in a year from 4000 hours. It is impossible to achieve the required parameters by cheating YouTube, since monitoring monetized channels will show a rapid increase in audience, which will lead to blocking. However, this step is necessary at the initial stage for the formation of the primary rating.

Correct promotion of YouTube is limited to attracting 100-200 subscribers per day with a simultaneous increase in views. For brand new channels, this figure is even lower and is combined with the regular addition of content. Such restrictions minimize the risk of pessimization and blocking, allowing the channel to gradually move to the top of popularity.


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