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To Croatia for the European flavor

9 Oct 2020

Holidays in Eastern Europe will be perfect, every traveler will find something to do. The mild climate, the Adriatic Sea and an abundance of excursion programs. There are enough attractions for everyone: choose historical or natural. When is the best time to go?

Summer, late spring and the velvet season are the best times to visit. During this period, the weather is favorable for beach holidays, and excursions in Croatia are organized for those who are active. It will be a pedestrian, on a yacht or a rented car for the tourist to decide on his own.

City resort

Most vacationers go to the warm sea, gorgeous beaches and local restaurants with national cuisine. Old Dubrovnik welcomes you into its arms. One of the most beautiful European cities for centuries adheres to a certain architecture, which makes it recognizable from thousands of others.

Be sure to take a sightseeing tour of this ancient city. Amazing stories, sometimes dark and sometimes romantic. The guides will tell you about everything. The first pharmacy in Europe was built in the city, as well as the oldest synagogue. You can go on a walking tour on your own, but you'll miss out on a lot.

In the old town, episodes of the third season of "Game of Thrones" were filmed. The castle is perfectly preserved and the producers chose this place as a natural setting.

Travel to the islands

From Dubrovnik you can go on an excursion to the island of Lokrum. National Natural Park - The trip will take less than half an hour and you will find yourself in the botanical garden, behind which the walls of the Benedictine monastery are hidden.

Picturesque nature, gorgeous views and peacocks living in the wild will all surround you during the day. In the evening, the island will have to leave, there is nowhere to spend the night.

There are many islands in Croatia and many excursions are offered. The tour can include one or several. Many natural attractions can be seen in one day.

Plitvice Lakes

National treasure of Croatia. The largest nature reserve known throughout the world. The excursion is planned for the whole day and you will see all 16 unique lakes and waterfalls. Clean water, beautiful landscapes, excellent tourist sites. You will walk a lot, but you will not feel tired at all. All travelers report a surge of energy, peace of mind and calmness.

Capital of Croatia

Visit the capital of this small hospitable country, Zagreb. Old streets, cathedrals, massive parks and bustling markets will allow you to plunge into the real European life.

What else to do in Croatia? Go sea fishing or diving. Go to national resorts and improve your health. One vacation is not enough, you will love this country and will visit regularly.



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