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Why do you need a multilink?

4 Jun 2021

Anyone who maintains a blog on Instagram knows that only 1 link can be placed on a profile. At the same time, for a business account, it is desirable to provide a link to other social networks and contacts in instant messengers.

If your business has a website or landing page, you can link to it. However, ordering a landing page, and even more so a site just to place links there, is unprofitable. For these purposes, a multi-link is created - a mini-version of a landing page, the purpose of which is not to sell, but only to give the client the necessary links.

How do I create a multi-link?

You don't need to have any professional skills to create a multi-link. To do this, you need to use one of the services that provides a similar service. Most of the services provide a constructor with which you can customize the appearance of the page with links. Usually she has some kind of background, avatar, small text and buttons with links.

You can post links not only to social networks or messengers - you can place links to certain sections of the site, for example, to a price list or an order form. As you know, the number of steps a client needs to find the information they need should be kept to a minimum.

After the creation of the multi-link is completed, its address must be placed in the Instagram profile in the "Site" column. The client, when clicking on it, will receive links to the most important resources. In addition, this is relevant for those accounts that do not yet have 1000 subscribers and cannot post links to stories.


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