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  •  Andrey

    "Достойный отель и хорошее место"

    Date of review: 16 Jul 2010
    Поскольку корпоративная политика моей компании предполагает использование совсем не самых дорогих номеров, в поездках я часто оцениваю отели по эконом-номерам.
  •  Fred

    "Good value for your money"

    Date of review: 17 Nov 2009
    The President Hotel is normal business hotel, not prestigious, but very ok for a short stay. It is clean, rooms are ok and service is what you would hope it would be. Don't expect a superb room, but shower and bed were perfect.
  •  Richard

    "President Hotel"

    Date of review: 9 May 2011
    The entrance hall was impressive and the food was good. My room was very tired looking, the curtains were broken and the shower sprayed water all over the bathroom because the shower curtain wasn't waterproof. At night the entrance hall was full of prostitutes and their pimps! I had booked three nights and needed to check out one day early. Even though I notified reception more than 24 hours before, they refused to refund me. They have a long way to go before they catch up with Western standards of hotel service. On a more positive note, free wireless internet was available in the room and all around the hotel and operated very well.
  • "Not sufficient"

    Date of review: 7 Apr 2011
    The furniture in the room don't correspond at 4 star hotel! no phone and mini bar closed into the room. when asked to the reception reply me that I must gice a deposit of 500 grivne to open the mini bar?
  • "Huge lobby and entrance area..."

    Date of review: 4 Oct 2010
    Huge lobby and entrance area in a modern stile; old fashioned rooms with 30 years old furnishing - bathroom looks older; bathroom in a bad condition and not very clean; in the bar and the restaurant not any non smoking areas.
  •  English_Tourist

    "STAY AWAY!"

    Date of review: 26 Apr 2011
    The hotel is in disrepair. The beautiful Lobby is quite misleading. The rooms are older than Soviet. Ukrainians dont stay here as they know what kind of place it is. The staff are very nice but the cost for a room and the quality are terrible. the hotel still uses metal keys. There are a lot of questionable people around. I would avoid at all costs. There is a fee to use everything. And its not possible to bill items to you room unless you buy credit with cash....

Kozatskiy Hotel  

1/3 Myhailivska Street, Kiev, 01001

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