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  • Ingul Hotel

    2 Reviews

    "Very good hotel." — 9 Aug 2013

  • Kolos Hotel

    1 Reviews

    "Отличный отель Николаева" — 2 Aug 2013

  • Continent Hotel

    9 Reviews

    "On arrival, the receptionist was..." — 29 Nov 2012

  • Nikotel Hotel

    3 Reviews

    "Good standard" — 26 Oct 2012

  • Nikotel Hotel

    3 Reviews

    "Poor manager" — 4 Oct 2012

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  • "A Very Nice Hotel"

    Date of review: 25 Sep 2012
    I spent four days and enjoyed every one. The service was great. And the bed and shower were most satisfactory which was critical to my enjoying my stay at the hotel and Nikolaev.
  •  Threasher

    "My personal hotel comments logged."

    Date of review: 23 Feb 2012
    I found that this hotel is very much in the taste and style that appealed to me. I hate plush,expensive luxury , So I was very much at home here and I have already said to the hotel reception that whenever I want to visit Nikolaev again. I will be booking a room with them.
  • "Bed sheets"

    Date of review: 9 Aug 2012
    The bed sheetsare barely large enough to be tucked in under the mattress. The cleaning staff folds them in half and lays them on top of the bed not tucked in. When you sleep like this, the top sheet pulls to one side or the other, so that you are no long covered. Like the REST OF THE WORLD, they should get sheets that fit the mattress including being able to fully tuck the sheet under the mattress.
  •  Steve

    "Hotel Continent"

    Date of review: 18 Jul 2012
    Nice cozy simple hotel with very friendly and helpful lobby staff and waitresses. Great location on main street to meet people, get food and drink and sightsee.
  •  Jose Granados
    Jose Granados

    "My staying continent hotel at Nikolaev"

    Date of review: 12 Jun 2012
    Thank you very much for your attention, especially to Lubvov, she helped me in a profesional way...I would like to stay three more days, can you extend my stayind?...
  •  CruiseAroundTheWorld

    "They Need Internet Service in Rooms"

    Date of review: 12 Jun 2012
    Overall, it is a good stay. Rooms are a little old and worn. But, location is everything - especially for first time visitors to Nikolaev. Friendly, helpful staff all around a BIG plus.
  •  FRODE

    "At Continent Hotel"

    Date of review: 7 Jan 2012
    Several times i have been in Ukraine, and always i stay at this hotel. I think its good value for the money and ofcourse in the center of city. I have never had problems with this hotel and service are very good. One good thing for me is that this hotel stay open 24 hours. And its Wifi in hotel. So i can recomand this hotel.
  • "On arrival, the receptionist was..."

    Date of review: 29 Nov 2012
    On arrival, the receptionist was not aware that I had booked a room!!!
  •  Pasha

    "my stay!"

    Date of review: 28 Sep 2012
    First of all the reception staff had no idea about my reservation or that I paid in full in advance and were asking for how long will I stay and how will I pay! Luckily I had the receipt saved on my computer and showed it to them straight away. However, on my checkout I was asked again to pay for my stay but after a bit of hassle I solved the problem. So be careful about that.

Continent Hotel  

Admirala Makarova Str.,41, 54001 Nikolaev, Ukraine

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Continent Hotel0.8 km
Alexandrovskiy Hotel0.0 km
Nikotel Hotel0.6 km
Palace Ukraine Hotel1.6 km
Ingul Hotel0.7 km

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